Red Wines

KWV Cabernet Sauvignon

A nice-to-drink wine from the Western Cape Upfront Cherry notes blend nicely with mild oak tones. A CLASSIC CHOICE for meat dishes and cheese.

Alcohol: 13,5%, Acid: 5,8 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,6 g/l


Landskroon Cabernet Sauvignon

A wine of the Paarl Mountains that benefits from cooling summer breezes from the Atlantic Ocean and moderate irrigation during dryer summers. The result is a FULL BODIED Cabernet with ripe mulberry fruit and touches of cedar, subtle tannins with LOVELY OAK FLAVORS. A safe choice!

Alcohol: 14%; Acid: 5,5 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,1 g/l


Swartland “Bush Vine” Cabernet Sauvignon

The Swartland Region north of Capetown has unique growing conditions with non-irrigated dryland farmed vineyards that ensure DEEP-ROOTED VINES. The grapes are smaller and provide an optimal CONCENTRATION of color, flavor and a solid tannin structure. This Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark ruby red wine with blackcurrant and dark fruit aromas, a DARK CHOCOLATE aftertaste and an elegant finish. This is the connoisseur’The wine goes well with grilled steak or lamb.

Alcohol: 14%, Acid: 6 g/l, Residual Sugar: 2,7 g/l


KWV Merlot

A SOFT AND PLEASANT dry red wine with flavors of ripe cherries and red berries. Matured for 12 month in French oak this classy Bordeaux grape is a good companion for pasta and meat dishes.

Alcohol: 14%, Acid: 6 g/l, Residual Sugar: 2 g/l


Landskroon Pinotage

A medium to full-bodied wine with SPICY AROMAS and subtle plum and BERRY FLAVOR. A good firm structure with body and length makes it a great wine for red meat dishes. Conclude your African afternoon with this African Style Icon.

Alcohol: 14%, Acid: 5,5 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,5 g/l


KWV Cafe Culture Pinotage

A unique Pinotage of the Western Cape with distinctive MOCHA, DARK CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE FLAVORS that are complemented by aromas of fresh berries. The wine is soft and juicy with well integrated tannins. It has a very STRONG CHARACTER that needs only 4 months of maturation in oak and remains with a hint of residual sugar which is perfectly balanced by the tannins. It goes very well alone or with dark meat or pasta dishes. One of our bestsellers.

Alcohol: 13,6%, Acid: 5,8 g/l, Residual Sugar: 4,3 g/l


Landskroon Shiraz

A medium to full-bodied wine with subtle toast and cinnamon overlays from the American oak in which it has matured. Some SMOKY AND SWEET BERRY FRUIT FLAVORS: excellent with barbecued meats and cheese.

Alcohol: 14%, Acid: 5,8 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,5 g/l


Swartland “Bush Vine” Shiraz

The Swartland Region north of Capetown has unique growing conditions with NON-IRRIGATED dryland farmed vineyards that ensure DEEP-ROOTED VINES. The grapes are smaller and provide an optimal CONCENTRATION of color, flavor and a solid tannin structure. This Shiraz has a complex nose showing dark fruit and a slight reductive note. This wine is all dense black fruit, ripe and rich, for those who like some WEIGHT in their red wines. A Top Shiraz for connoisseurs.

Alcohol: 14,5%, Acid: 6,2 g/l, Residual Sugar: 2,8 g/l


Backsberg Pumphouse Shiraz

Black berry, raspberry and rich MOCHA AROMAS are completed by subtle vanillin tones, derived from maturation in small French and American oak barriques. The palate has weight and depth due to layers of fruit tannins and SHEER FLAVOR INTENSITY. The classic Shiraz of South Africa.

Alcohol: 14,5%, Acid: 5,6 g/l, Residual Sugar: 2,4 g/l


Laborie Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

A FINE BLEND of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon cultivated in Paarl. The wine has upfront blackberry and plum aromas with hints of spice. On the palate the wine is balanced and SMOOTH with concentrated, juicy fruit and well integrated tannins with a PERSISTENT AFTERTASTE.

Alcohol: 14%, Acid: 5,5 g/l, Residual Sugar: 2,9 g/l


Van Loveren “Blackberry” Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz

A lightly oaked, FRUIT DRIVEN red wine representing a well-balanced blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (60%) and Shiraz (40%) The grapes are vinified separately, with MINIMAL INTERVENTION to allow each grape to express their individual characteristics and the soil of their origin in Robertson – a more inland location. The wine has an appealing RUBY RED color with soft plum and ripe summer berry flavours and a round finish.

Alcohol: 14,3%, Acid: 5,3 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,0 g/l


Boekenhoutskloof “Chocolate Block”

Boekenhoutskloof is one of South Africa’s best wineries, and the Chocolate Block is one of their most successful wines. It is a blend of Syrah (70%) Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Noir, Cinsault, and Viognier What makes this a special blend is that all grape varieties are collected from different terroirs that are perfect for the respective grape. After 18 months of maturation in FRENCH OAK BARRELS the Chocolate Block is a POWERFUL dry wine with good fruit and some spice tempered by flavors of DARK CHOCOLATE. Excellent on its own and great with lamb and beef dishes – A FLAGSHIP WINE

Alcohol: 14,7%, Acid: 6,1 g/l, Residual Sugar: 2,3 g/l

White Wines

KWV Chenin Blanc

This ELEGANT WINE is a great example of the modern style of South African Chenin Blanc. Very intense aromas range from TROPICAL FRUIT OVER APRICOTS TO SPICES. The hints of residual sugar are well balanced by the acidity. Fresh and fruity and easy accessible: this is a typical African Summer wine.

Alcohol: 13,3%, Residual Sugar: 4,3 g/l


Landskroon Sauvignon Blanc

A smooth, EASY-TO-DRINK white wine with hints of green fig and grassiness and lovely TROPICAL FLAVORS on the palate Very good with fish, chicken and cold meat dishes.

Alcohol: 12,5%, Acid: 6,6 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,1 g/l


Spier Signature Sauvignon Blanc

Bursting with aromas of gooseberry and passion fruit, this lively Sauvignon Blanc matches AROMATIC INTENSITY WITH FRESHNESS. Goes well with a variety of foods, especially salads, cold meats, poultry, and seafood – a first class Sauvignon Blanc.

Alcohol: 13,1%, Acid: 6,1 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,7 g/l


Landskroon Chardonnay

A solid Chardonnay dominated by FRUITY and tropical flavors with a dry finish. The crisp fruit acids add liveliness to this UNOAKED wine and make it a perfect companion for salads, grilled fish and even curry dishes.

Alcohol: 13,0%, Acid: 6,2 g/l, Residual Sugar: 3,5 g/l


KWV Reserve Chardonnay

The KWV Reserve Chardonnay presents a distinctive flavour of fruits especially PEACH AND LEMON which are completed by a fine taste of honey and a discrete taste of OAK. Among 1.226 Chardonnays from all over the world this vintage won the “CHARDONNAY-DU-MONDE COMPETITION”. This MASTERPIECE combines modern and traditional values of winemaking in Stellenbosch and certainly belongs to the Premier League of Chardonnays. Excellent on its own and a wonderful companion for salads and chicken.

Alcohol: 13,5%, Acid: 7,1 g/l, Residual Sugar: 1,4g/l


Van Loveren “Cramond” Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay

This wine from Paarl combines the GRASSY FLAVORS of the Sauvignon Blanc with the CITRUS FLAVORS of the Chardonnay and has been aged for 5 months in FRENCH OAK. The wine has a good acidic backbone, which adds length to the wine. Fresh and crisp it fits well with pasta dishes, roasted pork, grilled fish or even curry dishes.

Alcohol: 13,5%, Acid: 6,3g/l, Residual Sugar: 1,7g/l


Spier Creative Block 2 Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon

This excellent blend of Sauvignon Blanc (85%) and Semillon (15%) blend won the gold medal in the VERITAS WINE AWARDS 2013. Outstanding characteristics of this flagship blend are the rich aromas of gooseberry, kiwi and grapefruit and a LONG CRISP AFTERTASTE. “Spier” is a top vinery in Stellenbosch and only since 2014 available in Tanzania.

Rose Wine

The Wolftrap

The Wolftrap Rose is an aromatic DRY BLEND from Shiraz, Cinsault and Grenache grapes. Beautifully BRIGHT PINK color with fruity flavors of red berries and a touch of spice Smooth and round on the palate with a balanced natural acidity. This is a refreshing wine with a MOUTH-WATERING FINISH. Enjoy a Rose as a sun downer on the terrace or dare to choose this CRISPY wine for your chicken curry.

Alcohol: 13,8%, Acid: 4,6/l, Residual Sugar: 4,2g/l


Sweet White Wine

Pearly Bay Cape Sweet Wine

The wine has upfront tropical and fruit aromas that carry through to the palate. The wine is soft and smooth with a sweet finish.

Alcohol: 8%, Residual Sugar: 78 g/l


House wines – by carafe (25 cl)

KWV Bonne Esperance

A fruity, easy-drinking DRY RED blend made to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!


KWV Pearly Bay Dry White

A crisp, EASY DRINKING WHITE blend for all occasions!


Sparkling Wines

Laborie Blanc de Blanc (South Africa)

Produced from CHARDONNAY GRAPES this Classic Sparkling wine has citrus and melon aromas with soft-rounded mouth feeling and delicate bubbles.



Moet et Chandon (France)

A complete champagne, with FRESHNESS of Chardonnay, the BODY of Pinot Noir and the FINESSE of Pinot Meunier