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In this little journal we wish to highlight what you can experience here at Arumeru River Lodge and explain why we believe that this is the ideal place for you to start the Safari of your lifetime.

Located just 35 minutes from Kilimanjaro Airport our Lodge is the ideal base for your Safari. For those who are planning to climb Kilimanjaro the Lodge is a perfect starting point as well. We’ll store your luggage while you are climbing and wait for you with a cold

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beer, a hot shower, laundry service, and maybe a massage when you return.

Cherish every moment. Smell the enchanting scent of angel’s trumpets on the way to your room just after your arrival. Wake up to the sound of the birds in the tropical garden and realize that you have arrived in East Africa. Day ONE and every moment is already loaded with fascinating impressions of what will become your dream vacation in Tanzania.

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Dreamlike Tropical Gardens Our garden is home to many Dikdiks, the smallest antelopes in Africa. These cute little animals can be observed at close range. Enjoy your first “wildlife encounter” by just walking in our tropical garden.

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Together with our guests we have produced a list of birds that can be observed in the Lodge garden. Click here to view our complete bird list.

Another highlight is the view of Mount Kilimanjaro

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from our restaurant terrace on clear days. Truly unforgettable – don’t miss out on this.

African Design. The Lodge had originally been designed and built by a German who was born and raised in Tanzania during the British colonial times. His vision of the design was inspired by a true African Architecture – not by the “colonial style” that has proliferated in Tanzania ever since.

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The iconic architecture will capture your eye in the moment you enter the main building. At night the entire 13m (40f) tall building is immersed in golden

light creating an intimate, atmosphere. The main building hosts the restaurant and terrace, a cozy lounge with open fireplace, the reception and the “Safari Bar”, constructed of precious Ebony wood.

Attention to detail The Lounge furniture is made of valuable dhow wood – remnants of old sailing boats that had been used by fishermen in Zanzibar until they were taken out of order. The wood of those old boats, usually Mango and Mangrove wood, has a

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unique rustic texture adding much to the atmosphere of that inspires the entire Lodge.

Wine & Dine at Arumeru Our philosophy in the kitchen is to combine the freshness of local Tanzanian ingredients with international recipes. Our Head Chef comes from Zanzibar and will spoil you with all flavors of this famous spice island. The wine menu is based on only 25 carefully selected South African wines. We have recently added wines of “Spier” a top vinery

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in Stellenbosch that has been selling to hotels in Tanzania since 2014. Click here to view our complete Wine List

We serve curries and delicious beef, pork, chicken and lamb dishes. Fresh seafood comes from the nearby Indian Ocean. The Red Snapper, for instance, tastes delicious on a bed of Mchicha (local spinach). Our ambition is that our vegetarian dishes are true highlights that are chosen also by non-vegetarians.

Healthy We grow salads and many vegetables in our own vegetable garden. This is very fresh and at the same time organic food at its best. The Lodge has its own supply of mountain spring water.

The water is filtered and submitted to UV irradiation in order to guarantee best quality. Since many dishes in Tanzania are based on maize flour, they are gluten-free. Apart from this, our kitchen team is well prepared and loves to serve your individual dietary requirements naturally and every day.

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Arumeru BBQ Nights On one night per week we celebrate the Arumeru BBQ Night.

We grill different kinds of meat, burgers, sausages, fish and a great variety of vegetables. There are excellent wine recommendations but our local beers go very well with the BBQ too! Every morning the Restaurant serves all kinds of eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, baked tomatoes,

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baked potatoes, cheese, cold sausages, jams and honey, yoghurts, cereals, delicious tropical fruits, pastries, toast, croissants, ciabatta & brown bread.

Indulge and enjoy the morning sun on the Kilimanjaro View Terrace.

About ourselves In year 2000 we started to explore Africa on several vacation trips that took us to the countries of Southern Africa. In 2006 we bought a Landrover in Germany and started a “project” that should lead us across the entire continent of Africa following the Eastern Coastline. www.through-africa.com

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We split the journey into multiple stages of 3 weeks each, after which we parked the car in the country that we had just reached and flew back home.

Six months later we returned to that place, picked up the car and continued the trip. At countless campfires we discussed the possibility of living and working in Africa. In 2010 we had just arrived at Victoria Falls, we took the decision that we would buy a lodge in Tanzania. How we finally ended up as proud new

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owners of Arumeru River Lodge in June 2010 is part of the exciting story that we love to share with our guests while enjoying a glass of wine or beer together at the open fireplace in our cozy Lounge.

Play fair in Tanzania Our employees are heart and

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soul of Arumeru. The Lodge pays very fair salaries and we are happy that our staff fluctuation is close to zero. Our guests can virtually feel the positive vibrations within our team.

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Last but not least: Since 2012 Arumeru River Lodge has continuously been honored by the Tanzanian Fiscal Authorities as one of best corporate taxpayers within our District.

So finally … why Arumeru? 

Being ideally located the Lodge is a place of tranquility and good vibrations – a wonderful gateway to your Tanzania vacation. Your first hours in our beautiful country will become a very pleasant and exciting experience. Why Arumeru? Because every moment of your safari counts! We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Maren & Torsten Doenhoff

Trip Advisor winner 2015